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Music can change the world
because it can change people

Erfan Khoshdelnikkhoo (born September 8, 1984, Tehran, Iran) With the artistic name of Erfun Khoshdel, is an Iranian musician, singer, and songwriter who started his professional career in 2019.
His entry into music was with the music of “Sale Pish”, which caused a great deal of controversy in the pop music industry. Erfun calls his main activity singing, but in the field of musicianship, he has done extensive activities in 2017 and 2018 and is a professional pianist and guitarist.
The content of his music is in the genres of romance, drama, and happy and energetic pop songs.
During his career, Erfun has released 5 tracks in the global music markets, which are available on all platforms as “Sale Pish”, “Chatr”, “Ashegham Man”, “In Gheyre Momkene” and “Moshkeli Nis”.
For him, the pop music industry is like a precious diamond that wants to shine day by day with attractive music and numerous albums. In his music, most of the works such as melody, songwriting, and arrangement are done by him and he has the necessary skills in all works related music and it is not unexpected that he will soon become a big star in the field of Iranian music. Erfun Khoshdel is also popular in social networks and more than 300,000 people follow his work. For mysticism, music is an inspirational message to change the world. he strongly believes that music can change the world because it changes human beings.


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