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Music can change the world
because it can change people

Erfan Khoshdel, whose nickname as “Erfun” brings full of joy & fun, is a voice of new generation. As a pop artist, Erfun started his career by standing his own ground with his prominent style. As a songwriter, Pianist & Guitar player, he started his stardom journey through producing songs with a new look to persian pop music. His first song, “In Gheyre Momkene” ( It’s impossible), proved his point that with the impossibility in this world, commencement to success is anything but impossible. “Ashegham Man” ( I’am in Love) was his tribute to love forgotten in this world & cherishing its positive aura in this world. He continued gaining attention with “Chatr” ( The Umbrella) while preparing for a boost among his fans. “Sale Pish” ( Last Year) boosted him up as a success-monger artist who is willing to improve day by day. These days, he is working for his surprise which is the release of his new album.


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